Alex Bailey

Alex Bailey, formerly Alex LaChance, was an All-American Gymnast and scholarship athlete for the University of Arkansas. As a National Elite and Level 10 Gymnast, she was a 5-time USA Gymnastics National Championship Competitor, and accumulated 5 State Championship gold medals, 10 Regional Championship gold medals, and 25 other Level 10 State, Regional, and National Championship medals.

She went on to win the 2014 North Central CrossFit Regional, and qualified for the CrossFit Games in her rookie year as an individual athlete. In 2017 she made the switch from CrossFit to Weightlifting, and became the 2019 USA Weightlifting National Champion in the 71kg class.

In addition to a Masters Degree in Exercise Science, Alex has her USA Weightlifting Level 1, CrossFit Level 2, and Precision Nutrition Certifications. She has been coaching CrossFit and Weightlifting, and hosting Gymnastics Seminars all over the country since 2013, and currently offers Weightlifting, CrossFit, Gymnastics and Nutrition Coaching.


Options: Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit, Gymnastics

What it includes:

  • Completely customized programming for your specific goals, abilities, and lifestyle.
  • Weekly programming includes all necessary sport specific strength, conditioning, drills, progressions, technical and accessory work for a balanced program
  • Programming includes demo videos and instructions on how to perform each movement
  • Receive coaching and feedback on training videos and results in the True Coach App
  • Message your coach at any time via the app

What to Expect:

You will begin by filling out an intake form in which you’ll be able to explain your specific training goals, past and current training, as well as any nagging injuries or issues you may be experiencing. This is the time to get as specific as you want about what you are looking for in your customized training program. The most effective program is one that fits seamlessly into your daily schedule and lifestyle, so training volume and format will vary from person to person depending on your goals, age, abilities and schedule.


Once you fill out the intake form, you will begin your testing week, which is designed to gather baseline information on all skills pertaining to your goals. Upon completing your testing week, you will receive your first block of customized programming. Each week you’ll upload training videos and notes into the app, and in return, you will receive daily technical feedback on your training videos.

Weightlifting & CrossFit Subscriptions:

1-on-1 Remote Coaching 6 Months: $1380
(billed every 6 months)

1-on-1 Remote Coaching 3 Months: $729
(billed every 3 months)

1-on-1 Remote Coaching Monthly: $267
(billed monthly)

Gymnastics Subscriptions:

1-on-1 Gymnastics Unlimited Movements: $197 (billed monthly)
In this option you may choose as many gymnastics skills as you would like to be covered in your customized program.

Movement Makeover: $99

(billed monthly)
In this option you will select one gymnastics skill to be covered in your customized program.

Skill Analysis Subscription

Looking for a detailed form check on a lift or gymnastics skill you’ve been struggling with? In this subscription option you will submit one training video of your choosing each month to receive a full step by step breakdown and technical analysis of your skill, as well as a suggestion of drills, progressions, and strength exercises to help improve your chosen skill.

Per-Skill Fee: $30


Brand New Nutrition Clients:
Introductory month including one Zoom consult and weekly phone call check ins for the remainder of the month: $249
(one time payment)

Nutrition Subscriptions for Returning Clients:

Nutrition Coaching 6 Months: $474
(billed every 6 months)

Nutrition Coaching 3 Months: $297
(billed every 3 months)

Nutrition Coaching Monthly: $99
(billed monthly)

“I believe that nutrition coaching is all about meeting you where you are, and working together to come up with a convenient and sustainable nutrition plan to help you feel as good as possible while achieving your health, performance, and aesthetic goals. The most permanent improvements come from consistency, so my number one priority is to develop a plan that is simple to execute, and fits seamlessly into your busy lifestyle. 

All new nutrition clients will begin with an introductory month that will kick off with a Zoom Consult to discuss your nutrition goals, history, and what your day to day schedule and challenges looks like. After your consult, you’ll receive a starting set of macros with suggested nutrient timing to fuel you as optimally as possible throughout your day. We will have weekly check-in calls for the remainder of the month to make sure you are not only feeling good, but are also confident in implementing your plan every day.

After your introductory month of Nutrition Coaching is complete, you will transition over to online check-ins for continued weekly guidance and accountability. You are always welcome to send me a text or audio message at any time in the app if you have questions throughout the week as well. ”


Email for more info about Weightlifting and Gymnastics Seminars for both coaches and athletes!